Cool Father's Day gift ideas

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PHOENIX -- The Home Depot and other home improvement stores pretty much have something for any dad. Deb Hernandez is with Home Depot and says this Father's Day; everything is going laser. She gave us a demonstration using a level.

"You just turn it on, mount it level with the bubble in the middle, push and then the laser goes all the way down so you can hang things level," Hernandez said.

Another cool idea -- you can always go with a canvas tool bag, but be creative and stuff the bag with goodies.

Power tools are always popular and usually they're on sale during Father's Day. To protect Dad's hearing around those tools, Hernandez has another idea.

"It's headphones to protect his hearing, but you can also use your iPad or MP3 player so you can play your tunes while also protecting your hearing," she said.

If you're looking for something to go along with those tools, you can't go wrong with protective eyewear, which has changed dramatically over the years.

Hernandez said they carry protective eyewear that have a cool look and are slightly tinted. They even protect you in the sun to cut down on glare.

If Dad is not a tool guy, you can purchase a power washer that can be used for almost anything.

"You can do your driveway, your swimming pool deck, your patio furniture, you can do the car, you can do your house, the roof from all the bird doo-doo," Hernandez said.

A weather radio for camping or fishing trips is useful and if Dad is tired of banging on the wall looking for a stud, a stud sensor is a no-brainer.

A flashlight is also a must-have. There are the traditional flashlights like the Maglite, but now, they also have lights that strap around Dad's head, similar to what coal miners use.

"They are really cool because you can wear it to fix your car and your hands are free for whatever you need to do," Hernandez said.

If your budget is really tight, help Dad keep all of his bolts and screws from getting lost with magnetic bowls.

Hernandez said it holds whatever metal things you want it to. You just drop your items in the bowl and they stay put. She said this is a fun and affordable Father’s Day gift.

You also might want to consider a car buffer in case Dad wants to wax his car. If all else fails, there's always the trusty gift card, which is impersonal, but Dad can get what he wants.