Men's health: 7 things to watch out for

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

1. Heart disease
First symptom is a fatal coronary 50 percent of the time
B.P.I. Cholesterol / Diabetes /

2. Prostate Cancer – P.S.A.
Frequent urination, burning, weak or interrupted stream, blood in urine or semen
Loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pain and stiffness in pelvis, lower back, blocked ducts

3. Infertility
Low sperm count, poor motility, blocked ducts, malformed sperm, 40percent of time it’s the main problem, factors weight, alcohol, caffeine, smoking

4. Male menopause
Erectile dysfunction / testosterone replacement / pills may affect liver, transdermal patch, Testim, AndroGel, injections, implants, mouth patch, increase mood, weight loss, increase energy, increase sex drive, increase performance

5. Depression
Men often don’t express their feelings, instead road rage, irritability, anxiety, impulsivity

6. Alcohol dependence
Medications that help Campral (reduces cravings), Topamax (treats its), Antabuse, makes you sick, Revia Vivitrol, Valtrex One blocks pleasure

7. Tobacco
One pack doubles your risk, Chantix and Nicotine replacement

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