Sun City woman's run-in with door-to-door salesman

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SUN CITY, Ariz. -- At 76, Verna McKervey says she has a lot of time to do what she loves and that usually means knitting. When she's not knitting, she says she's watching TV.

"In the afternoon, there are usually a lot of arts and crafts shows on around then so I am watching that," McKervey said.

McKervey lives in Sun City and like many residents she gets her TV programming through DirecTV.

McKervey said she liked DirecTV and that she was getting good service with them. She was not experiencing any problems until April 17.

McKervey said that's a day she'll never forget because on that day, she says she was duped. Duped by a fast-talking salesman who knocked on her door and said DirecTV was going out of business. But this guy said he was there to help, he was there to install Dish Network.

"He said, 'You have DirecTV and we are going to replace it with Dish, and he just rolled right in and sat himself on that chair right there," McKervey said.

McKervey's paperwork indicates that salesman was with a company called Regal Satellite, an authorized Dish Network installer based out of Washington state. McKervey went along with the service because she thought she was supposed to.

"So I thought, well, maybe they did go out of business and I wasn't notified," McKervey said.

As a result of switching services, McKervey is now contractually obligated to two competing companies: Dish Network and DirecTV.

3 On Your Side got involved and spoke with both companies. DirecTV tells me if McKervey wants to stay with her new provider, Dish, then they won't charge her a $300 cancellation fee. Dish Network says the same thing. They will not charge McKervey a cancellation fee if she goes back to DirecTV.

McKervey said it's a load off her mind, but she has a warning to others regarding door-to-door salesmen.

"Not to open their door if you don't even know them and if they still keep ringing, call the cops," McKervey said.

By the way, I talked with the owner of Regal Satellite, which employs that salesman. He believes that employee acted professionally and doubts that he barged his way into McKervey's house.

A statement from Dish Network can be found below.

"We require all independent third-party retailers of DISH's products and services to comply with the law and expect the highest ethical standards from them; these standards are spelled out clearly in our contracts and actively enforced. If we find a retailer has violated the terms of our agreement, we take the appropriate action, up to and including dismissal from DISH's retailer program."