Local filmmakers land Hollywood gig

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PHOENIX -- Getting a "gig" in Hollywood is tough but two Arizonans are proving it's possible.

Bryan Chesin and Cole Mueller actually met in grade school.   

Chesin grew up in the Valley of the Sun. He began producing and making films when he was just 16 years old. Later he  became a Wildcat when he attended film school at the University of Arizona.  For the past few years he's been coaching football at Chaparral High School.

Mueller was born and raised in Scottsdale.  He started making movies even earlier -- when he was just 12.  He decided he liked the directing and writing parts  of making films and went on to graduate from USC film school in 2008.

The two Arizonans have done a couple of movies together now.  They're  currently finishing up  editing on their  latest  film called "Magic Hour."  It was written, directed and produced by Mueller with Chesin also acting as producer.

"Magic Hour" centers on young man who's taken in by a local crime family in  the early 90s  in Venice Beach.

Production shooting  was done in  Newport Beach, Huntington Beach,  Los Angeles and Anaheim.

"Magic Hour" stars C. Thomas Howell, who is  also  in the new Spiderman film, as well as other   actors like Trevor Morgan ("The Patriot," "Jurassic Park 3") , William Russ ("Boy Meets World")  and William Wallace ("The Tree of Life").' 

Even though it's still in production, the film has already been featured in Variety magazine and garnered  a lot of buzz on the Internet. "Magic Hour" is set for release next year.