No cash? 'Barter Kings' say no problem; new A&E show premieres this week

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- How would you like to get something you want or need without spending one red cent? If you have something to trade, "Barter Kings" Antonio Palazzola and Steve McHugh say you can get it.

Scott Pasmore talked to the pair about their new reality show premiering on A&E Tuesday. It's all about trading your way up to whatever it is you want.

"In each half hour we'll follow two 'trading strings,' the dramatic chain of events as items of little value are traded up for items worth thousands," explains the show's website. "At the heart of every trade is the art of the deal. It takes a ton of strategy, charisma, and all-out manipulation to close them.

"It's a world filled with amazing characters, fascinating items, and most of all, surprising, unpredictable journeys."

Check your local listings for times.

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