Cancer patient's dying wish: play golf

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PEORIA, Ariz. -- What's on your bucket list? For a valley man battling cancer, it's one last round of golf.

James Austin is nothing short of inspirational. Two weeks ago, the 75-year-old from Peoria was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  

"It's incurable and it's gonna be fatal," said Austin.

Instead of holing up at home and hiding from the world, he's on the green playing the game he loves. 

For the last 43 years, Austin has played golf every week with this two brothers. This Saturday, he hit the course one last time at Hillcrest Golf Club in Peoria.  You see, doctors have given Austin just weeks to live.

His daughters flew in from Nashville and Atlanta to take care of their dad and to be with him in his final days. Along with his children, grandchildren and his two brothers, Austin hit ball after ball.

"I wasn't sure if he was gonna make it past hole one, and here we are at hole six. It's pretty awesome," said daughter Jenni Portt.

Austin was able to complete nine holes.

"I don't want to just sit at home and die. I want to be out and doing what I love to do with the people I love to do it with," he explained.

His family took plenty of pictures, capturing the priceless moments on the green, knowing it would probably be Austin's last time swinging a club. 

"To think it's his last round, its meaningful," said Sonja Chandler, Austin's other daughter.

She wiped away tears thinking of life without Dad.

"I think really we need to remember to pay attention to the little things in life, like a round of golf. It's the normal ordinary things in life that we often take for granted," Chandler added.