Woman smuggled into boyfriend's apt. in suitcase

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PORTLAND -- A Portland woman hid inside a suitcase in order to see her boyfriend, police said.

The woman had been banned from her boyfriend's apartment building, so to get around security she hid in the suitcase.

Kola McGrath told KTVB's sister station, KGW, she's been dating her boyfriend for almost two years. But about a year ago, she got into some trouble with building management for breaking a fire extinguisher case. They told her she was no longer allowed inside.

McGrath said her boyfriend couldn't visit her place, because she's living in a homeless shelter. So the couple hatched a plan: She would hide in a large, pink rolling suitcase and he’d take her in.

“It’s not what you'd think,” McGrath said. “You put your head under a pillow or a blanket and it is just like that."

Neighbors said they had often noticed McGrath’s boyfriend hauling the pink suitcase in and out of the building. They thought it was suspicious, but never would have thought he was smuggling his girlfriend inside.

“We had made comments about why he would bring it in and out every time he left,” said neighbor Loretta Kaufman. “But now we know."

Someone called police Monday to report a possible kidnapping in progress. Officers at the scene found McGrath hiding in the suitcase.

They arrested her for trespassing because she had been warned to stay out of the building. She has since been released from jail and told KGW she's now trying to figure out the best way to see her boyfriend.