High court again rebuffs Tombstone in water fight

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By Adrian Campa / 3TV photographer By Adrian Campa / 3TV photographer

PHOENIX (AP) -- A second U.S. Supreme Court justice has rebuffed Tombstone in a fight with the Forest Service over planned work on part of the Arizona city's water system.

Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday denied a request for an emergency injunction allowing Tombstone to use heavy equipment for work on its spring-fed water system in a Coronado National Forest wilderness area.

Justice Anthony Kennedy previously denied a similar request.

Tombstone has performed initial repairs on a pipeline system damaged by storm runoff and mudslides.

It now wants to do more extensive work but Forest Service officials say they won't consider issuing additional permits until Tombstone specifies what work it wants to do and where.

Tombstone gets some of its water from a well and some from springs in the Huachuca (wah-CHOO-kuh) Mountains.