Valley couple find love again, well into their golden years

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Marti Garrett and Billie Armstrong By Jennifer Thomas Marti Garrett and Billie Armstrong By Jennifer Thomas

SUN CITY, Ariz. -- Back in January 2011, Bille Armstrong stopped by the front desk at the Banner Olive Branch Senior Center in Sun City. 

The 84-year-old widower was there to make a lunchtime reservation. He was greeted by two women.  One of them, a volunteer named Marti Garrett. 

As she took down his name, he noticed she had spelled it incorrectly. Politely, Armstrong showed her the way he spelled it. Saying, "It’s actually Billie! That's B-I-L-L-I-E."

Garrett’s co-worker started to tease him saying, “That’s the way girls spell the name Billie!”

"Well!" Garrett said firmly, having no idea the next thing she would say to her co-worker would lead her to a man she will soon call her husband, "That’s the way a boy’s name is spelled in Alabama!"

At that point, Armstrong liked her fire and thought, "I have to check this girl out!"

It took weeks of kind gestures and nearly nine months for him to finally ask Garrett if she was married. 

Garrett, who is 73 years old, lost her husband several years ago. 

She laughs saying, “Yeah, Billie and I met in January and it wasn’t until August that he finally asked me out to dinner!”

“We had a wonderful time!" She also says, "... and we’ve been together ever since!”

This Sunday, June 10, wedding bells will ring once again for the couple. 

The ceremony will take place where it all began -- at the Olive Branch Senior Center in Sun City surrounded by staff, volunteers and friends.

Banner Olive Branch Senior Center offers a place for residents in the Sun Cities to gather, enjoy a hot meal, participate in free activities and make friends and maybe even find love, (again!).