Scottsdale man takes in baby bobcat found alone at Phoenix intersection

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Baby bobcat By Jennifer Thomas Baby bobcat By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- From being abandoned, to living it up at a Scottsdale home to a wildlife conservatory, a very young bobcat has had quite the week across the Valley.

A Scottsdale man found her wandering at the intersection of Cave Creek and Dynamite Boulevard in North Phoenix. He then took her home and took care of her for three days before finding her a more appropriate home. He took her to the Arizona Humane Society, who brought her to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

"People see an animal like this and they are darling!" said staff member Kim Carr, who quickly fell in love with the bobcat's sweet face. "They've got blue eyes and the spotted fur."

But Carr knows the cat will grow into a wild animal. She likely hadn't been away from her family long, due to her good health.

"She's actually in really good condition," Carr said. "She was a little, pudgy, roly-poly thing, which is a good thing!"

They're not sure how or how long she was separated from her family, but staff are glad the man brought her in to the right place, especially since keeping bobcats as pets is illegal. Since she's healthy, staff will focus on getting her back into regular bobcat behavior so they can return her to where she's supposed to be -- out in the wild.

"She will go in with an adult female who is a foster mom for the bobcats and she'll learn how to be a bobcat because that's what the mom's going to teach them," Carr said.