Sedona homeowner fighting his HOA over greenhouse in backyard

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SEDONA, Ariz. -- A homeowner in Sedona said his homeowners association wants him to remove something from his yard he's had for years.

"An HOA is a dictatorship," said homeowner Harry Gold.

Harry, Arlene and their son Craig are fighting with their HOA.

"I think they are definitely stepping over their boundaries," said Gold.

The family enjoys growing their own vegetables, and even has a garden in their backyard.

The veggies are protected by a hoop house, which is similar to a greenhouse.

The 7 foot hoop house is covered by a black shade netting.

"I like it. I don't see anything wrong with it," said Gold.

The Gold's have lived in their home in the Village of Oak Creek for 16 years.

The family has had their hoop hose for more than a decade.

The problem with the HOA started a year and a half ago when their neighbors started building their home.

Gold described his neighbor as his nemesis and said they complained to the HOA.

"It's not just one neighbor complaining. It's multiple neighbors," said Tony Rizzo, the representative of the HOA.

Rizzo said the hoop house is not allowed in the community.

"If anything it should be grandfathered in. It should not be based because the people across the wash don't like it," said Gold.

3TV tried speak with the neighbor who said she did question the HOA about the hoop house.

The woman also said she was too busy to speak to 3TV on-camera.

The HOA fined Gold $150.00 for the hoop house.  Gold said he's not paying the fine.

Gold and the HOA board members plan to meet next week to discuss what both parties can do to accommodate each other.