Gas prices continue to decrease

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Motorists across the state of Arizona continue to enjoy decreasing prices at the pump.

The average price per gallon of gas in Arizona is now $3.670, which is five cents less than last week and 13 cents less than last month.

Arizona residents aren’t the only ones paying less to fill up. The price of gas nationwide is $3.560 per gallon, which is down 20 cents from last month.

Disappointing job growth in May, the European debt crisis, and economic worries here in the United States are all contributing factors to the decrease in gas prices.

There was speculation earlier in the year that gas prices could go as high as $5 a gallon. Those predictions no longer appear valid.

“AAA was a temperate voice amid the fuel price hysteria that took place earlier this year, which underscores the importance of knowing who is making price predictions and whether they are a credible source, or have vested market interest,” said Linda Gorman, director of communication and public affairs for AAA Arizona.

Tucson currently has the lowest gas average in the state at $3.565 per gallon. Conversely, Flagstaff has the highest prices at $3.822 per gallon.

South Carolina has the lowest gas prices in the contiguous United States at $3.163 a gallon. Washington residents are paying the most at the pump with an average of $4.227 per gallon.