Farmers' market to hand out medical marijuana cards

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PHOENIX -- A medical marijuana farmers' market is making access to the drug easier.

WeGrow, a Phoenix company that sells products to help people grow their own medical marijuana, is hosting the market on Sunday, June 10.
Although entry to the farmers' market is strictly limited to people with valid medical marijuana cards, WeGrow will have a doctor on site who can issue certification.
“Patients who bring in their medical records can get qualified that day,” said WeGrow owner Sunny Singh.
Currently, Arizona patients can get a medical marijuana card if they’ve been diagnosed with chronic pain, cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, muscle spasms, or Hepatitis C. If you bring the proper medical records demonstrating that you suffer from one of those ailments to WeGrow on Sunday, you could be certified by a doctor that day, and be allowed access to the farmers’ market.
Angel Diaz, a Phoenix artist who suffers from chronic back pain, will attend the market for the chance to meet local growers.
“It’s like growing your own vegetables. You get your own flavor,” Diaz said.
He may have the chance to sample some of the products grown locally by Chad Foley, whose family has grown marijuana for years.
“I’ve been around it my whole life," Foley said. "I grew up in northern Montana out in the woods where we had it growing since I was 5 years old. I remember my dad cleaning it up at the dinner table when I was a kid."
He now grows multiple varieties for Arizona patients, and also offers pot-laden baked goods. Foley said without the farmers' market, few would know about the services he offers.
Singh said that’s exactly why he’s hosting the event. He’s hoping to unite patients and people like Foley, who he calls caregivers.
“Because there are no dispensaries open yet, there’s no safe access to get any medicine," Singh said.
The Arizona Department of Health Services is currently sifting through applications to run dispensaries and will award certificates to run the dispensaries later this year.
The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act passed in 2010.