Craigslist mechanic accused of rip offs

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PHOENIX -- Wes Kyle had bought his dad a motorcycle, but after an accident they both agreed the bike needed to be repaired if they wanted to keep enjoying it.

Kyle said they had cosmetic damage to the motorcycle tank and that’s when he put an ad on Craigslist to try to find somebody to help him out.

Several mechanics, some legit and some not, find work through the popular website Craigslist. That's exactly how Kyle and Mark Reed got in contact.

Reed came out and looked at the motorcycle and then agreed to repair it. Kyle said he was just going to fix some dents around the gas fill neck.

Reed requested money and promised to go buy some parts and then return to start repairs. Although he took the money, he never returned.

“He has $200.00 and I have nothing,” said Kyle.

3 On Your Side got involved and learned that Mark Reed is really Keith Michael Lee, a convicted felon currently on probation for fraudulent schemes.

But instead of keeping his nose clean, Kyle said Lee is up to his old tricks again.

Kyle is not the only victim complaining. Several consumers posted complaints on Craigslist saying Lee took their money and never returned.

Kyle said the police need to actually get involved and do something about this or Lee's just going to continue ripping people off.

Police said it was a civil matter and wouldn't get involved, but 3 On Your Side did. Lee is currently in hiding, but we provided all of our information to his probation officer.

Kyle said that's great news, and hopes something is done.

“He needs to be convicted and do his time,” said Kyle.