Young skateboarders headed to the X Games

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GILBERT, Ariz. -- Two valley kids have made history as being the youngest skaters to be invited to the world's largest extreme sporting event, X Games 2012.

Trey Wood and Jagger Eaton, both 11, are two kids that love to shred.

 “When I'm skating I blank out and don't think of anything other then what I'm doing and it's like a rush I get,” said Trey.

“It was something I knew I would love for the rest of of my life,” said Jagger.

These boys are the youngest in X Games history  to compete in the event's Big Air Contest. It's an event where professionals compete, professionals Trey and Jagger have looked up too for years.

“Bob Burnquist, he's my idol, my whole lifetime all I've dreamnt is to skate with him on the Mega Ramp that's so cool,” said Jagger.

Trey said, “It's just crazy overwhelming.”

This event will challenge their skills because they will be ripping their tricks and attempting to conquer the Mega Ramp.

No matter the outcome the boys said they will continue to work hard toward their dreams and hope they can be an inspiration to other young skaters.

“If you really want something you just gotta try and if you fall or anything keep working for it,” said Trey.

X Games begins June 28th in Los Angeles.