Trainer using exercise to help those recovering from breast cancer

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Melissa and Scott Keppel By Jennifer Thomas Melissa and Scott Keppel By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- A Valley personal trainer is doing more than just helping people get back in shape, he’s giving hope to those recovering from breast cancer.

Melissa Keppel and her husband, Scott, share a love of fitness -- a passion she had to put on hold after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

“For them to tell us that she had cancer was quite a shock,” said Scott, owner of Scott’s Training Systems in Chandler. “We have three kids so it was, you know, pretty heart-wrenching.”

The family decided to rally in support of Melissa. She received radiation and is now cancer free, but her focus has returned to fitness.

“Thankfully for us, we caught it early enough that we knew that she was going to be OK,” Scott said. “So I wanted to study a program that would help her get the body and the feeling that she had before all of this.”

So Scott acquired a certificate in training called Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program. It's a program where exercising helps build back physical and emotional health.

“Pecks, that upper body, which again could be tight due to whatever type of treatment a woman may have,” Scott said.

It’s definitely working for Melissa. She is healthy and feeling more like her old self. Scott couldn't be happier.

“Now she's back up to working out consistently, five to six days a week,” Scott said. “Her range of motion is there, I mean her mental strength. She’s an amazing woman.”

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