Valley woman feeding hungry kids this summer

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PHOENIX -- Robin Dendy has created something called The Kindness Project

It was Veterans Day last year  when Dendy says she learned students, 300 kids who attend Central High School, were going all weekend without food. 

She felt overwhelmed.

"I just prayed, wondering what could be done," she recalled. "The I got my calling from above to do something to help." 

By February Dendy had gathered a large group of volunteers and a way to collect things like Top Ramen, peanuts, bread and water.  Every Friday until the end of the school year, this food helped these students and their families get through the weekend without going hungry.

Now, with school out for summer break, Dendy has a new calling -- to help feed these kids until classes resume this fall.

With the help of a well-known Valley blogger Rachel Roland, who is helping to spread the word via Twitter and other forms of social media, Dendy is doing all she can to feed hungry students from all 12 Phoenix Union high schools.

"I don't even have any kids, but someone has to help."  Dendy said. "Seeing what this does for them  is so emotional for me. It's tough not to cry. I get way more than I ever give."

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