UPDATE: 3OYS helps "write" a wrong

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PHOENIX -- Nikki Rowe is a lot happier today than when she was first profiled on 3 On Your Side. You may recall, she was trying to market her business by handing out writing pens with her company's name.

"It's a simple idea," she said. "It's getting your name out there on pens that you can give away."

Rowe said she handed the pens out at a fair, but customers complained they didn't write, which made her look bad. In fact, the entire box of pens she ordered for $142 didn't write at all.
3 On Your Side tried pen after pen and they just didn't work. Rowe said she ordered the pens from a Valley company called Stellar Graphics, which, according to Rowe, refused to help at all.

"I'm upset," she said. "I've paid $142 for something I can't use."

3 On Your Side got a hold of Stellar Graphics, which said the pens came from China. Although Stellar Graphics did not agree to a refund, they compromised by upgrading and mailing Rose nicer pens, a box that actually works.

Rowe said her initial request was pretty simple. Refund her $142 or send her another box of pens that work, but she was ignored. It took 3 On Your Side to make things right.

"You have been wonderful," Rowe told 3 On Your Side. "You have done everything to resolve the issue and I can't thank you enough."
I appreciate Stellar Graphics helping out so quickly.