Mesa teenager impaled in throat by fence spike out of hospital and singing

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

MESA, Ariz. -- A Mesa teenager almost lost his life when he was impaled while trying to climb over a security fence in April.

 “A part of me thought I was going to die,” Jake Paxton, 19, said.

Paxton tried hopping the fence to get out of the pool area at his Mesa apartment complex. That’s when he fell on one of the security spikes and sliced his throat.

Paxton said he could feel cold metal in his mouth.

“If I bit down on it with my teeth, it was horrible excruciating pain," he recalled. "The feeling of trying to pull yourself off of it and it just tearing more you know."

A neighbor found him hanging on the fence and called for help.

Photos show Paxton in the hospital with a bandaged neck.

The young singer said if the spike had stuck him a half an inch in either direction of his throat, he could have died.

Since the accident, management has taken down the part of the fence where Paxton injured himself.

Paxton's voice has changed a little since his near-death experience. He says it's deeper now.

In some ways, Paxton said the accident has been a blessing.

“It's helped a lot with the ladies," he said. "Believe you me. I'm pretty much fighting them off."

He sings with his band, Companeros, weekly at locations throughout the state.