Homeowner says Solar One Shop was paid in full, never finished job

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- I pretty much know I'm in the right place when I'm brushed off with the one-finger salute just outside the Solar One Shop in Tempe.

But if anyone is getting the brush-off, Matt Diemert says it's him.

Diemert and his family thought going green was the right thing to do so when they received a telemarketing call six months ago from a company called the Solar One Shop, they took interest.

"Solar energy seems like a natural thing to do," Diemert said. "So we set up an appointment and a salesman came out and told us how it all works."

Eager to cut their power bill, Diemert said he and his family wound up signing a contract for around $34,000 with Solar One Shop.

Diemert said he took out a loan and gave all of it to Solar One Shop to buy and install solar equipment.

Although some of that equipment has been put in, Diemert estimates that 70 percent of the work is unfinished and six months later, he says communication has dried up.

"We're calling the company and we're not getting any calls back," Diemert said.

To find out what was going on, I went to Solar One Shop and that's where I got my warm welcome.

When I went inside, things didn't get any rosier when I asked for the owner, Chuck Hauck. I was told he wasn't there and as I tried to leave my number, the receptionist began screaming at my photojournalist.

"He's filming. He's (expletive) filming with the telemarketing thing with your (expletive) right there," she screamed.

Finally, someone claiming to be the manager showed up and was willing to talk to me, but we couldn't speak to each other because the receptionist continued to interrupt.

I was told Hauck would call me later, which he did.

We didn't talk about his employee's outburst, but he did tell me Diemert's job and others for that matter have not been completed because a former employee of his allegedly embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. That includes the $34,000 handed over by Diemert.

And without that money, he said his company is having a difficult time finishing jobs.

That's horrible news for Diemert, who worries he may be out all that green, just for trying to go green.

"I think I've learned that you don't pay until you have the goods in your hand," Diemert said.

I plan on doing a follow-up report regarding this matter in the near future.