Phoenix man billed $1,000 for services before services were activated

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man says he's being billed $1,000 for a service he shouldn't have to pay at all.

Will Furniss owns a company called

“We buy and sell tickets for concerts, sports, and theatre nationwide," Furniss explained.

Since most of his business is online and over the phone, Furniss was interested in an offer from Century Link.

“We were promised cheaper service, less expensive services and also a faster Internet," said Furniss.

So Furniss decided to drop his current provider and switched to Century Link back in October.

“When they said we would be saving money on a monthly basis and our services would be better and faster, we were very excited," Furniss stated.

But Furniss said that excitement quickly turned to frustration because Century Link started immediately billing him in October although they didn't install services until mid-January..

“It's a thousand dollars and I don't owe them the $1,000," Furniss proclaimed.

Furniss said every time he tried contacting Century Link they demanded payment, and even threatened to shut off his service if he didn't pay.
“It’s just not right. My business cannot function without phone lines and without Internet," Furniss said.

3 On Your Side contacted Century Link, and when we did the company immediately resolved the matter.

“Five months of dealing with Century you guys got involved for one week and everything gets resolved," noted Furniss.

Furniss said he's ecstatic to be free of that $1,000 bill, and said it couldn't have happened without 3 On Your Side

“You guys are superheroes, you really are. You come in when there’s some distress, and you solve the problem. I can’t express my gratitude enough," a relieved Furniss remarked.