MTV offers 2 Valley women a big break

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PHOENIX -- This weekend Devy Walker and Julianne McKay are loading up more than 100 of their Pearl Blossoms jewelry pieces, all custom-made for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

The news came in an email from a woman in charge of setting things up inside the gift suite for MTV. When McKay read the first part of the message, she was shocked.

"It basically said, 'I would love to have your unique product in the suite for the "talent"' to experience and enjoy.  They love their new fun accessories! Please let me know as soon as you can, as it is booking up fast and we would love to include you!'"
It didn't take long for the ladies to respond, and as you can imagine, McKay was ecstatic.

Walker said she was floored. 

This year's list of nominated stars include Arizona's own Emma Stone, along with Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig . 

They're invited to the gift suite and considering the power of twitter and Facebook, and the millions of people who follow Hollywood's A-listers, the potential for big-time exposure is huge.

"Julianne and I met in a Landmark Education course for self-expression and leadership," Walker said. "I was her coach.  She is a mother of three3 boys under the age of 7. She wore these awesome flowers she designed on everything and I wanted to collaborate with her and put them on my Riley Necklace line.

"We had to wait until the course was over to do any business together," she continued. "Our course ended on May 7. We came up with a business plan May 8. Two days later we were invited to the MTV Movie Awards!"
The Pearl Blossoms line includes jewelry, blossoms created with fabric, shoe clips, headbands 
and even a custom-charm bracelet designed especially for the event.
"We are having so much fun, getting ready for our, 'big break'!" Walk said.

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are this weekend. Walker and McKay leave for L.A. tomorrow.

For more information on the jewelry displayed today that will be featured in the MTV awards swag bag, go to