Swim lessons can help parents keep kids safe around water

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PHOENIX -- With the recent tragedy of a 6-month-old Phoenix baby drowning in the bathtub this week, parents are probably thinking about keeping their kids safe around the pool -- especially with temperatures heating up!

Hubbard Family Swim School is booking swim classes right now with kids as young as a few weeks old to get them swimming and, more importantly, comfortable in the water.

If you haven't decided to put your kid in swim classes just yet or if you can't do it right now, Bob Hubbard, president and founder of Hubbard Family Swim School, says there are things you can do at home to make sure your kids know certain rules around the pool.

  1. Set boundaries in certain areas around the pool.
  2. Do countdowns with kids before getting in pools.
  3. Make sure your kids know not to sprint into the pools.

Those are just some things you can do to begin teaching your kids water safety.

To find out more about Hubbard Family Swim School, go to hubbardswim.com, or you can check out Hubbard's swim blog at SwimSchoolBob.com.