Beware fake Adderall

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The FDA warns Adderall pills purchased off the Internet could be fake.

Adderall is a stimulant drug used to treat ADHD. A recent shortage nationwide led prices of  prescriptions to skyrocket up to five times the original cost at Arizona pharmacies.
The shortage and resulting increased price have driven more people to buy the drug from illegal websites. Some of the pills purchased from these sites have been counterfeit, and contain the wrong ingredients. 
Bryan Krueger, a Phoenix pharmacist, urges people not to buy from the Internet. 
“The best case is it’s a placebo. They’re taking a sugar pill and they get no benefits from the drug,” he said. “Worst case? It could be something dangerous.”
Real Adderall pills are orange in color, have specific markings, and come in bottles. The fakes have been popping up in individual blister packets, and have been plain white with no markings. Another telltale sign of a fake is misspellings on the packaging.
Molly Talbot has used prescription Adderall on and off for years. She recently had to go off the drug after losing her health insurance, but she will not be heading to the Internet for a quick fix.
“It’s just somebody’s means of making a few bucks, and it’s stupid,” she said.
Krueger agrees.  
“You’re taking a very big risk, usually it’s not worth the money,” he said of buying prescription drugs online.
If you suspect you have fake Adderall pills, call your doctor or pharmacist immediately.