Peoria woman bought car but had trouble getting the title

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PEORIA, Ariz. -- A Peoria woman bought a car, but she was having trouble getting it registered.

Dawn Moen said, for whatever reason, she can't get the title to the vehicle.

“I came down here so my husband could go to school, so we've just been down here for a few months," said Moen.

After moving from out of state, Moen and her family quickly realized they needed transportation.

“We moved down here we didn't have a vehicle so we were looking.”

Moen scanned the Internet for private sales and decided to start looking at car lots. That's how she  ended up at Central Auto Sales in Phoenix where she found just what she was looking for.

“They had the perfect vehicle that I wanted a 2001 GMC Jimmy, it was everything it's what I always wanted.”

Moen said she paid $3,700 for the vehicle, and Central Auto Sales told her they would contact her to transfer over the title.

However, when her 45-day temporary registration tag was about to expire she contacted the car lot which told her this about her title.

“Oh it's not here, we're having trouble getting it but you can come down and get another permit.

Then that second temporary tag expired and without the title, Moen couldn't register her car with the state.

So, she called the car lot again about that title.

“She said, "oh we're having trouble getting it".

Frustrated with not being able to get that title and fearful she might not get it Moen contacted 3 On Your Side

“Now I have a vehicle with no title and I'm out the money and now what do I do.”

3 On Your Side contacted Central Auto Sales which said they had received the title and had contacted Moen to come get it.

Central Auto Sales said getting the title for this vehicle did take longer than normal because it came from an out of state auction which caused a delay in the paperwork.

That's great news for Moen who picked up her title and said she can now drive her car stress-free

“I was really excited, I was happy!”

Central Auto Sales was pretty easy to work with on this matter. According to the MVD, car lots and dealerships should be able to get titles within 45 days, but in rare cases, like this one, it does take a little longer.