Valley man who climbed Mt. Everest returns home

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By David Baker By David Baker

PHOENIX --  It's a goal that many climbers want to achieve, but don't have the chance -- summit Mount Everest.

Well, a local climbing expert just went to the top of the world's highest mountain, and flew back to the Valley Sunday afternoon.

Dr. Naim Logic was greeted by his wife Mirjana and his daughter Mia at Sky Harbor International Airport.

It was the first time his wife and daughter have seen him since he climbed Mount Everest.

"That feeling is amazing," Logic said, describing what it was like at the top. "Nothing is above you. Everything is below you."

Logic tried to climb Mount Everest in 2009, but couldn't make it to the summit because of bad weather.  This year, the problem wasn't storms, but about 150 people trying to reach the top on May 18 and 19.  Logic reached the summit on the 19th.

"It was pretty pretty slow climbing for me," Logic said.

At least four people died during that time. They are believed to have suffered exhaustion and altitude sickness.  Among those was another doctor that Logic knew.

"I was going down; he was approaching the summit," said Logic. "I could literally reach him, hug him."

Logic made it to the summit and back with only a little bit of frost bite and a few burns.
Logic also went 57 days without bathing.

 "It was the big news when he called me," said Mirjana Logic, his wife. "[He said] You know what? I took a shower!"

Logic also went weeks without shaving. He doesn't have any plans to climb Mount Everest again, but he won't give up climbing, either.

"No, no. In everybody's life you choose, sudden changes are not good," Logic said. "I need to continue my activity."

Fewer than 3,500 climbers have made it to the summit of Mount Everest.