Arpaio not giving up on Obama birth certificate investigation

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- A certified letter has apparently not ended the "birther" battle in Arizona. 

Even with the secretary of state confirming he has the proof he needs, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said it will take more than a letter verifying the President's birth certificate for him to call off his criminal investigation.

“I'm trying to determine if any fraud occurred and who’s responsible,” said the Sheriff.

The Sheriff's cold case posse has been investigating the President's birth certificate since August and is currently following up on leads in Hawaii.

The Sheriff said the verification that the secretary of state received from the Hawaii registrar does nothing to change that.

“When I launched this investigation 7 months ago I said lets clear this up and get it out in the open,” said the Sheriff. “Let me see the micro film or an original copy of the birth certificate and I’d go home.”

That hasn't happened so the Sheriff persists much to the dismay of Adam Cox, an ardent supporter of the President. 

He was arrested earlier this year in Tennessee for threatening to kill Sheriff Joe Arpaio but has since been released.

“He's heading this way but do you think I’m going to stop because of some guy?” said the Sheriff. “I'm not stopping, let him threaten me.”

The Sheriff understands Hawaii’s verification might be good enough for the secretary of state and to get Barack Obama's name on the ballot but he said, “I'm a law enforcement official this has nothing to do with politics.”

The issue is political for many.

“There's roughly 10 percent of the Republican party that feels passionately about this issue so it will continue to be in the dialogue,” said political strategist Marcus Dell’Artino. “Meanwhile 90 percent of the Republican party is trying to move the message to the general election which is focused on talking about jobs and economy.

Meantime, democrat Chad Campbell is asking Ken Bennett to either resign as Mitt Romeny's campaign co-chair or resign as the secretary of state.

The Arizona House Minority Leader said it's inappropriate for the top election officer to publicly support one candidate while questioning the other candidate's citizenship.

Bennett has said he was just doing his job verifying the President’s qualifications and it had nothing to do with his public support of Romney. 

It is anticipated both Campbell and Bennett will be running for Governor.

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