Confrontation with woman accused of lying about cancer for breast implants

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The woman accused of raising cash for breast cancer then using the money for cosmetic surgery was in court Wednesday.

When 3TV asked Jami Toler, 27, if she had anything to say outside of her arraignment she said two words.

“No comment,” said Toler.

Wearing a shiny red blouse and focused on her cell phone, Toler declined to answer any questions.

“We did a lot of research before we even spoke about it to each other and wanted to make sure we had our facts straight,” said Toler’s former friend, Casey Carter.

Carter and Carmen Klemis called police when their former friend and colleague's story wasn't adding up.

Mesa Police officers have accused Toler of raising thousands of dollars in donations from her friends and family for a double mastectomy claiming she had breast cancer.

“When we were able to locate the physician that did the procedure that was kind of icing on the cake and really validated that thought that we had,” said Carter.

Investigators said Toler never had breast cancer.

Instead, police accused Toler of using more than $8,000 in donations for breast implants in November.

In front of a judge Wednesday, Toler pleaded not guilty to fraud and theft charges.

“The truth will come out at the end whatever that's going to be, and we know what that is,” said Klemis.

Klemis hopes when Toler looks at her fuller figure she is reminded about hurting her friends.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said these types of cases are few and far between.

“I wouldn't want people to not to get so cynical that they don't help people in legitimate need,” said Montgomery.

Toler will be back in July.