Bombing victim Don Logan: 'Diversity is more than just observing'

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PHOENIX -- More than eight years ago, a pipe bomb exploded inside the offices of the city of Scottsdale. The package was addressed to Don Logan. At the time he was the city's diversity director.

Logan and two employees were badly injured.

Two brothers, both of them white supremacists, were accused of putting together and mailing the bomb. A jury found one of the Mahon brothers not guilty earlier this year.

The other brother, Dennis Mahon, was found guilty and sentenced on Tuesday to spend 40 years in prison.

"It's justice served," Logan said Wednesday morning. "Not only the sentencing, I'm excited about the comments from the judge clarifying the whole hate-crime discussion. I've been very outspoken about the lack of a hate-crime verdict and what I learned yesterday is they were never charged with a hate crime."

Logan talks about the entire experience in his new book, "Targeted Delivery."

"The book had been in the making for a long time," Logan told 3TV's Javier Soto, explaining that he had intended to write a book even before the bombing.

"The fact that I'm black, working in the community that's the fifth whitest in the country, there are some experiences as a public official that I thought the casual reader would want to be informed about," he said. "Once the bombing occurred, that elevated the need for the book.

"The book is about attitude," Logan continued. "Life is 10 percent what happened to us, but 90 percent how we react. This situation, with the bombing, really tested that philosophy for me."

It's a topic he addresses in "Targeted Delivery." According to Logan, interaction and dialogue between people are essential. Without it, it's possible -- likely even -- to misjudge a situation by what is seen.

"If we limit ourselves to what we see, ... we may misinterpret what we're seeing ...," Logan said.

"Diversity is more than just observing," he continued. "You have to begin to have a conversation, or have the courage to have a conversation, about those sensitive topics that may or may not affect your relationships."

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