Air tankers from Gladiator Fire moved to fire in Nevada

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

CROWN KING, Ariz. -- A map is the closest many people living in and around Crown King can actually get to their home.

Aggressive weather kept firefighters busy Tuesday.

"If the wind does something stupid then it’s really going to come into town. Right now it looks pretty good so far," homeowner  Butch Credidio said.

Thousands of acres are still red hot in the Prescott National Forest.

The Gladiator Fire torched two more homes this week, six in total since the fire started last Sunday.

"There are still hundreds of homes threatened," Gladiator Fire spokesperson Brad Pitassi said.

Crews are trying to prevent the fire from jumping west over the Senator Highway and heading north of Crown King.

"If it jumps the highway then we’re looking at thousands of homes threatened," Pitassi said.

This week a few of the air tankers were moved out of the state because a fire is threatening homes in Nevada.

"When we deal with air tankers, they are national resources. There are only 12 in the country and go as needed," Pitassi said.

Two air tankers are left in Arizona; both are fighting the Gladiator Fire.

"It will just take a quick wind reversal and a couple miles of spotting to go back and re-threaten Crown King," Pitassi said.

Credidio has called Crown King home for nearly three decades.

"If we lose the house, we already talked about rebuilding something," said Credidio.

As of Tuesday night the fire was 26 percent contained and more than 15,000 acres are burning.