Deadly tire blowout in packed RV serves as cautionary tale

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PHOENIX --  A deadly crash involving several people in an RV along Loop 202 in Phoenix on Monday is serving as a cautionary tale about tire troubles during the sweltering Arizona summers.

Seven people were inside the RV Monday when a tire blew out, causing the RV to slam into the wall along the 202. The driver was killed and three children were injured.

The Department of Public Safety is investigating whether the tire was faulty or improperly maintained. 

Officers are hoping that the crash serves as a warning to drivers about the importance of preventative tire maintenance. 

"Here in Arizona, it seems to be more because of the heat," Officer Tim Case said. "You'll see a lot more of the tread wear on the tire. It's imperative, especially in Arizona, that your tires are in good shape."

Matt Allen, owner of Virginia Auto Service, told 3TV that there are several key points when it comes to preventative tire maintenance. Make sure the tires are less than six years old, are not weather-worn or dry rotted, and have the correct air pressure and tread depth. 

"It's huge, it's very important," Allen said. "It's one of the easiest things the owner of a car can do without having to go to a shop."