MCSO: Alleged sexual predator could have more victims

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. -- Maricopa County sheriff's deputies have arrested a man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two people, and fear there could be more victims.

Lee Charles Lubonne, 44, was arrested at his Litchfield Park home on Sunday.

Authorities say Lubonne, a father of two, used the Internet and sites like Craigslist to find his victims by pretending he was interested in hiring them for work.

"To be honest, in person he seemed sort of like a normal guy. ... He came across as harmless and nice," Sarah Walker said.

Walker says she was one of Lubonne's victims, a photographer who was lured with the promise of work on Saturday.

Normally 3TV does not reveal the identities of sexual assault victims, but Walker wanted to share her story.

Walker said Lubonne contacted her a few weeks ago through her website, but she knows it wasn't random.

In February, Walker, along with her husband and friend, made headlines after the trio was accused of trying to find a dog to have a sexual encounter with.

Walker is still facing bestiality charges, but adamantly denies the allegations.

Walker said she went to Lubonne's home for a photo shoot. According to Walker, Lubonne drugged her and then assaulted her.

"I started to feel the effects of something that he put in the water," she said. "He threw me over his shoulder and took me into his bedroom and I was in there for about two hours."

Walker said she focused on the details and the suspect's appearance so she could help police.

"He had duct tape, zip ties, chains, ropes, medical instruments. He had a whole bag of basically torture devices and I was scared for my life," she said.

Walker was eventually released, after threatening Lubonne that her ankle monitor would soon go off -- a consequence of her previous charges.

She was able to lead authorities back to his home. MCSO investigators linked another rape -- a 15-year-old girl back in March. Investigators said Lubonne found her on Craigslist offering services to babysit.

Officials found recording devices in several rooms, more than a dozen hard drives in a locked safe, prescription pills, and women's belongings that they say Lubonne kept as tokens.

Deputies also found notes and a to-do list in Lubonne's car and residence indicating his intention to meet the photographer and his need to buy zip ties. Another notes stated his desire to stop being a "sex pig" and to find Jesus.

Neighbor Emily Johnson says Lubonne has lived next door for nearly a year. She was shocked by the allegations against someone she considered a friend. Their children often played together.

"Scares me because I would never expect that. He seems so nice and he was so friendly. He actually met us at Chuck E. Cheese once," Johnson said.

Johnson watched the arrest unfold and said her first fear was for his two young children.

Officials with MCSO are afraid there could be more victims as unsuspecting as Walker.

"I always thought of myself as an intelligent person, a smart person. But they're con artists in what they do and I think that the point at which I realized what was happening to me was really happening, it was too late," Walker said.

And as she prepares to be the suspect in one case and the victim in another, Walker says she just wants to help others who might have been victims and make sure what happened to her doesn't happen to another woman.

"I've dealt with so much in the last few months that I just want something good to come out of all of this, if anything good can come out... If there are any other women who've been raped or victimized like this, they need to come forward," she said.

Lubonne is being held without bond, charged with sexual assault, sexual abuse and kidnapping.

If you have any information about the case you can call MCSO at 602-876-1011.