3 On Your Side tries to 'write' a wrong

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PHOENIX -- Nikki Rowe owns a successful website business that's been around for about two years.

"It's going really good," Rowe told 3 On Your Side. "We've got referrals. A lot of our business is repeat."

Rowe said she's been thinking of a way to promote her business. When a telemarketer from a company called Stellar Graphix called her and proposed that she order a case of writing pens with her business name and logo printed on them, Rowe thought it was a great idea.

"The pens that they were proposing looked nice [online]," she said. "They said they had some overstock of them and they were doing a special."

Rowe said she ordered a box of 300 pens for around $142. When her order arrived, she said not only was it not the correct pen, but most of them didn't even write.

She showed us as she tried pen after pen, and most of the box clearly did not work.

Rowe called Stellar Graphix but said she got nowhere with the representative.

"She would get irritated with me," Rowe explained. "She would use foul language and she hung up on me several times."

After 3 On Your Side got involved, the president of the Phoenix-based company wrote me an email saying, "Unfortunately, we can't test each and every pen that comes from China."

Although he didn't want to refund Rowe's money, he said Stellar Graphix would upgrade her pens and reprint them again at no charge.

Rowe said that's better than what they gave her the first time, and is eager to see if the next shipment is better than the first.

"I'm like well, we can take the pens apart and try to make darts out of them," she said, laughing.

The new shipment is supposed to arrive this week.

3 On Your Side will air a follow up report to let you know if new batch of pens actually write.