Tips for college grads looking to find work

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- It’s graduation season across the country, which means thousands of new college graduates are trying to find the right job to get their careers off the ground.

But finding the right position and impressing employers can be a difficult task, especially in a challenging economy.

“Your ability to communicate what separates you from the competition is often going to be what separates you and gets you the job ahead of somebody else that’s also applying for that same position,” said Mary Miller, Director of Marketing at Unitedweb.

Time management, organizational, and communication skills are important tools for new graduates looking for work.

Aspiring employees also need to have a passion for learning.

“Internet and industry and company specific skills can be acquired over time by the right people as long as you’ve got a solid set of foundational skills and the willingness to learn,” Miller stated.

Graduates not sure where to find work should start with the career placement programs at their school and then search for opportunities online.

Finding the right position can take time, which is why it’s important to remain patient and choose the right opportunity.

“I think there’s this sort of extreme of waiting for the dream job versus taking the next best thing and I really think there’s a middle ground,” Miller added.

You never know when your dream job will present itself, which is why Miller encouraged all new graduates to approach their job hunt with an open mind.