Man makes citizen's arrest and ends up in jail; says he's in the right

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Karl Frost By Jennifer Thomas Karl Frost By Jennifer Thomas

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A Chandler man was arrested on his bike ride to work.

“I was blown away,” Karl Frost said.

Frost is free from jail and telling his side of what he's calling an outrageous story.

“In my mind I'm 100 percent in the right here," he said. "I was in the bicycle lane, correctly dressed, with my lights everything.”

The avid cyclist was riding in the bike lane Wednesday near Warner Road and Islands Drive West in Gilbert when he passed a jogger.

“I was standing like this on my bike clipped in with one pedal and he pushed me from this side and I kind of fell over and lost my balance,” Frost described.

Frost made a citizen's arrest and called police, but it was Frost who was taken to jail for unlawful imprisonment, disorderly conduct and assault.

“I used reasonable force to detain him,” Frost said.

A Gilbert police spokesperson wasn’t available to speak on camera with 3TV Thursday. Instead via email a spokesperson said someone witnessed Frost being aggressive toward the jogger.

“The other thing he told the police officer is that I choked him. I was on the phone with the police officer how could I have choked him?” questioned Frost.

Frost said he spent 14 years as a police officer overseas and showed 3TV his performance review.

“This is my performance review, you will see that every box is checked excellent,” Frost said.

The bicyclist was carrying his gun and also showed us his right to conceal carry permit from the Department of Public Safety.

Police said Frost gave the dispatcher a false name, Jack Frost.

“My surname is Frost. The only person to call me Karl is my mother,” Frost said.

3TV was unable to track down the alleged victim in this case.