Dream Act supporters hold demonstration in Phoenix

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Ileana Salinas By Jennifer Thomas Ileana Salinas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Hundreds of students throughout the country are joining in a day of action. This includes dozens in Phoenix who will hold a demonstration outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in support of the Dream Act.

They are calling on President Barack Obama to reverse deportations and allow children who were brought into the country illegally immunity. 

The Dream Act was first introduced in 2001. The bill would provide permanent residency to undocumented immigrants with good moral character who either enlist in the military or enroll in a university for two years. 

However, The Arizona Dream Act Coalition is trying to pressure Obama into a more moderate deportation policy. They are threatening "we will remember in November."

I sat down with a "dreamer" Thursday morning and asked if the anger should be better directed at their parents as opposed to the government.

"I don't blame my parents," Ileana Salinas said. "I think as humans we have rights and we should be able to contribute to this country since they've already invested in our education K-12."

The demonstration was to take place at 10:30 a.m.