Phoenix companies planning on hiring this summer

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CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A new survey says more companies plan to hire seasonal positions this summer, which could lead to full-time employment.

CareerBuilder reports that 30% of companies are planning on hiring new workers, compared to just 20% of companies last year.

Four industries in particular are leading the way in the amount of job offers.

"It's typically going to be your hospitality, your retail type of positions, manufacturing and some accounting positions," said Frank Armendariz with Manpower.

Armendariz says although job seekers are having an easier time finding work, there are still challenges.

"Because I think hiring habits have changed for the employers. Overall, especially in Phoenix there seems to be a positive outlook," Armendariz added.

And if the opportunity for seasonal work is taken effectively, it could lead to a permanent position for someone who adds value to the company and stands out from the pack.