New Phoenix police chief promises change, hands-on approach

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Police Chief Daniel Garcia By Jennifer Thomas Police Chief Daniel Garcia By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Phoenix officially has a new police chief and he says changes are coming.

Daniel Garcia came up through the ranks in Dallas. He promises a hands-on and practical approach to the job. He is aware he may be dealing with the implementation of Senate Bill 1070, should it be upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, and misconduct that has sometimes plagued the department in recent years.

A lot of challenging things have happened in precincts such as South Mountain, so how will Garcia go about training younger guys who get shoved into more challenging situations early on in their career to try and prevent this type of thing?

“The bottom line is officers have to clearly understand the ethical standards of the work we do,” Garcia said. “There is nobility in policing that we have to exercise every day.”

When asked if he plans on making major changes right off the bat, Garcia said, “All agencies, when a new leader comes in, you're going to be looking at change. I'm a big believer in change. One of my favorite sayings is ‘Every day is an audition.’ Things change.”

When it comes to immigration enforcement, Garcia said everyone they contact will be treated with respect.

If they find a person has broken the law, they will learn his or her identity and if that person is in the country illegally.