Phoenix women invent sachet to keep your fruits, veggies fresh

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PHOENIX -- Have you ever reached for a banana or a head of lettuce only to find that it has spoiled. Fresh food has a limited shelf live, but two Phoenix women have found a way to keep produce fresher longer.

Amber McBride and Brenda Patterson were recently featured on Food Network's "Invention Hunters" for their new product -- Produce Freshies.

McBride and Patterson stopped by 3TV to explain what Produce Freshies are and how they work.

Produce Freshies are basically little sachets that absorb naturally occurring ethylene gas, which is given off by produce and flowers.

"When trapped in your refrigerator, it accumulates and causes your green leafy vegetables to wilt and turn brown or yellow," reads "It causes fruits and melons to ripen and spoil prematurely. It causes the leaves of fresh cut flowers to turn brown and the flower petals to fall off and prevents buds from opening."