5 Ways to beat the afternoon low

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PHOENIX -- Just about everyone has experienced that "afternoon low." It normally strikes an hour or two after lunch and many people try to fix it with an afternoon coffee or energy drink.


But there are better -- natural -- ways to keep your energy up all day long.

1. Start your day off right with breakfast. It really is the most important meals of the day. Jump start your metabolism with a nutrient-dense breakfast such as a Breakfast Taco: 1 corn tortilla + 3 eggs (1 yolk), scrambles in veggies + 1 sl avocado + salsa

2. Think vegetarian. Focus on plant-based protein, fat and carbs such as quinoa, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables to energize your body. Eating foods that have the combo of protein, fat and carbs helps stabilize your blood sugar without bogging down your digestive track. Steer clear of heavy, greasy, and large meals. Those take a lot of energy to breakdown and metabolize and slow down your digestion, which often triggers sleepiness.

3. Avoid or limit caffeine. To stay hydrated without the buzz, try decaf green tea, herbal tea or just warm water with lemon

4. Get in plenty of sleep and rest. Getting into a pattern of getting in quality rest time and deep sleep gives you ample amount of energy to be alert and focused during the day.

5. Snap out of the fog with a mini stroll outside to get some fresh air. Take deep breaths to increase your oxygen intake.

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