Tips to decreasing your auto insurance rates

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PHOENIX -- When it comes to driving, we're all required to have auto insurance, but that doesn't mean we all pay the same rate.

It's up to you to get the best deal, and you can start with improving your credit score.

According to, there are some things you should probably do to lower your rate. For example, look at your credit score. Not many people know it, but insurance companies figure if you're responsible with money, you're probably responsible behind the wheel and some companies check your score to determine your premium.

It's a theory that is mixed with some consumers.

"I don't see the connection," a driver told 3 On Your Side. "I don't see how being credit worthy and keeping
good credit makes you a good driver."

However, another woman we spoke with said, "It's fine with me because my credit is good."

You also might want to consider increasing your deductible.

Doing so can reduce your premiums anywhere from 15 to 30 percent and it's as simple as calling your agent or your insurance company.

Living in a rural area can reduce your premiums.

Fewer cars means fewer accidents and that translates into smaller premiums.

So, if you moved recently and are now living in a less populated area, make sure you tell your insurance company.

You can also think about dropping unneccessary coverage.

Look at your policy and see if there's anything you can do without and discuss it with your agent.

It's a no-brainier, but I have to mention this next tip. Keep a good driving record. There's no better way to jack up your premiums than getting a speeding ticket or getting involved in a minor fender bender.