New clear window tint designed for windshields

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PHOENIX -- Tinting car windows is almost a necessity here in the hot Valley of the Sun, but there are limits to how dark you can go. If you go too dark, you'll get a ticket. If you go too light, you might not be getting the full benefit.

What's more, you could never tint your windshield.

Until now.

Hugh Hernandez from Danny's Family Window Tint showed 3TV's Scott Pasmore a new option for tinting you windshield. It's virtually clear.

"It's revolutionary technology," Hernandez said. "It was originally invented for patients with skin cancer and lupus. The objective was to create something totally clear and legal that you could put on your car -- even the windshield -- and protect yourself from the heat."

Hernandez used a BTU meter -- a device to measure heat -- to demonstrate the difference between an untreated window, a regularly tinted one, and one that has been tinted with the clear film. the difference was dramatic.

The untreated window was off the chart. The traditionally tinted window registered more than 300 BTUs. The window with the clear tint came in at just over 100 BTUs.

Hernandez said the clear tint blocks 99 percent of the UV rays and 43 percent of the heat.

The clear tint goes on the inside of the windshield and runs between $200 and $250.

"It's just now making its way to the Valley," Hernandez said.

In addition to Danny's Family Car Wash, the clear tint is available at Shoemaker Mercedes, Earnhardt Hyundai, and Lexus.

For more information about the clear windshield tint, contact Hernandez at 602-485-8500.