2012 Scion iQ is world's smallest four-seater car

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PHOENIX -- The 2012 Scion iQ is tiny outside, 26.5 inches shorter than a Mini Cooper, but not so small inside. Four people can squeeze in when necessary.

It's good looking outside and the inside is about the best of any cheap car on the market. And, the seats are surprisingly comfortable.

Perhaps the perfect car for urban driving, the 2012 Scion iQ is a snap to park and averages 37 mpg.

It's relatively inexpensive at just $15,995 and that includes shipping, air conditioning, automatic transmission, power windows, a 160-watt Pioneer audio system and more.

It also comes loaded with standard safety gear, including 11 airbags, more than found in many luxury sedans, stability and traction control.

Overall, it isn't the quickest, cheapest or a gas mileage champ but there seems to be some magic here that bucks the cheap economy-car feel.