Marijuana found in shipment of candles in El Paso

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EL PASO, Texas -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials found a large stash of marijuana mixed in with a collection of candles this week.

On Wednesday, 1, 789 pounds of marijuana was discovered in a shipment of candles. The marijuana, which has an estimated street value of $1,431,200, was packaged under a layer of candles.

“These drugs were hidden in boxes of a legitimate cargo in an attempt to defeat the CBP inspection process,” said CBP El Paso Port Director Hector Mancha.

The drugs were discovered when a cargo delivery truck pulled into the Bridge of the Americas commercial lot from Mexico.

A drug sniffing dog alerted authorities to the vehicle, and an X-ray unit identified an anomaly in the shipment of candles.

The driver of the truck was interviewed, but eventually released after telling CBP officers that he knew nothing about the marijuana.

The investigation into the incident is currently ongoing.