Gilbert couple's $110K yard makeover is nearly 4 months past due

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

GILBERT, Ariz. -- A Gilbert couple say their landscaping job is more than three months over the completion date, even though the job is almost paid for.

They've already paid more than $100,000. They say the job is supposed to cost around $120,000 and even though they've paid almost the entire bill, the job is far from done and they're worried the job site may be abandoned.

"We thought, you know, it's perfect, so we bought it without knowing anything about it," Shelly Roper said.


Shelly and Arlynn Roper said buying a brand-new house was kind of exciting.


"It was a new experience," Shelly said. "When you buy new, you don't have shutters, you don't have yard."

And a yard was one of the first things on their list when they moved in and contractors know that.


"People come to your door when you're new and they want to sell you their services," Shelly said.


One of those contractors was Brian Walters. He and his company, Antigua Landscape, made a big sales pitch and landed a $120,000 contract with the Ropers.

"We had a BBQ here, a hot tub, a wonderful pool with a great waterfall, and a grotto, plenty of lawn space, we even planned a garden," Arlynn said. "He saw just exactly what I wanted in the backyard."

The Ropers say the $110,000 job included a lot, including a swimming pool, lighting, shrubs and more than a 100 tons of decorative rock.

The Ropers say they wrote a series of checks out to Walters, starting with $25,000, $10,000, $5,000, until they finally paid a total of $110,000.

But although the contract states the estimated completion date is supposed to be Feb. 1, the Ropers say it's three and a half months past due.

"He's come out and done about four to six hours of work a month, and that's it!" Shelly said.

"He now has $100,000, approximately 90 percent of the final payment, and yet my yard isn't 90 percent done," Arlynn said.

Arlynn and Shelly tell 3 On Your Side that verbal deadlines and promises from Antiqua Landscape come and go and with their job far from done, they're concerned.

"He'll send you an agenda every week, this is what I have going, Monday, Tuesday -- every time he has lied to us," Shelly said. "Not one time has he told us the truth."

Shelly said the blame was put on them, claiming Walters accused them of having money problems for not paying him more money than the $100,000 they already gave him.

"Money problems? How are we having money problems? You have $100,000 and he wanted to be paid in cash," Shelly said.

3 On Your Side contacted Walters, who claimed he has every intention of finishing the job and acknowledges he's been rather slow.

But he says he does quality work, which takes time.

Regardless, he promised to have the Ropers' job completed within one to two weeks. But the Ropers say they've heard that before.

"He's taken the fun of having a brand-new house and doing the landscaping, he's taken it away," Arlynn said. "It's frustration, he's made it total frustration."

We will monitor the situation and keep you posted on when Antigua Landscape finishes the job. Antigua Landscape has an "F" with the BBB and has four complaints with the ROC that were resolved.