A Mothers Day Plan with Easy on the Menu

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Mother’s Day in my family has always been celebrated at my house. Most years, it was a celebration of both my mom, Rose and my husband’s mom Jean.  And now, with time’s passing, it’s different but one thing remains the same – I’m also the hostess.  Which usually means one thing – I usually end the day more exhausted than honored.  This year’s going to be no exception – except this year, I’ve figured out some ideas that require little work on my part, some true CHEATS and maybe a little time to just relax myself. 

So, here’s my Mother’s Day Menu that just might allow me and my fellow “Hostess Moms” to entertain AND relax a little.

Main Course

Pizza on the Grill
I love this because 1.) I buy prepared pizza dough at the store (Trader Joe’s is GREAT! And just over a $1.) 2. I just put out pizza sauce, toppings for everyone to make their own – including the kids.  Easy.  And finally 3.) It involves the grill so my husband is more than willing to take on cooking duty. 

Grilling pizza is a cinch.  Heat a gas or charcoal grill to a high heat.  Let everyone shape their own pizza.  Place a thin layer of cornmeal or flour on a baking sheet.  And coat both sides of the pizza shaped dough.  This will make it very easy to remove from the grill.

Place a piece of dough on the hot grill (don’t worry, it cooks so fast it doesn’t fall through!)  As soon as it starts to bubble and release from the grill you’ll be able to lift it off.

Flip it over, take it inside for the pizza’s maker to add toppings.  Then put the uncooked side back on the grill to cook the dough through and heat the toppings. 

Here’s what will (hopefully) happen – everyone will have so much fun making their own pizza that they’ll never notice that you’re in a comfy chair drinking a margarita.*
*see next section.


Cocktail Time

Mother’s Day seemed like the perfect day to try the new Skinny Girl cocktails. 

These cocktails boast great taste, no prep time and around 100 calories per serving.  Perfect for a Mother’s Day cocktail to serve to the ladies.  Open, pour, enjoy! 

And finally,

Maybe you’ve walked past them hundreds of time in the grocery store – that little package of crepes in the produce section.  Now, I know that crepes are relatively easy to make – I think…but that’s not what it’s about for this day so we’re cheating all the way through.  These little crepes are quite tasty and well made.  And just like the pizza’s allow your guests to create their own masterpiece dessert. 

Put the crepes out with these things and let everyone wrap, fold and indulge:

Nutella spread
Sliced bananas
Whipped cream
Chocolate syrup.

And while they’re all creating their crepe dessert they’ll never notice you’re enjoying your second Skinny Girl Margarita.*
*See step 2!

Gourmet, rustic pizza, Sweet crepes and cocktails!  That’s what Mother’s Day is going to look like at my house this year…give it a shot and grab a slice of the couch to breathe – we all deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Live and Learn.