'Dark Shadows' - Tim Burton and Michelle Pfeiffer explain lasting appeal

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PHOENIX -- You've heard the phrase "everything old is new again."

That certainly applies to "Dark Shadows," a Gothic soap opera from the '60s that's been rebooted and is opening on the big screen this weekend.

It's something fans of the show have been waiting for. Once director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp expressed interest in the "re-vamp," Hollywood was ready to accommodate.

Depp plays Barnabas Collins, a vampire who returns two his ancestral home after being entombed for two centuries and meets his dysfunctional descendants.

Michelle Pfeiffer, also a fan of the original show, plays Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.

"There was nothing like it on TV," Pfeiffer said, explaining that she and others watched the original show in the makeup trailer as they were getting ready to shoot the day's scenes. "I was just as obsessed with it. There were people in the makeup trailer who weren't familiar with it, and they became obsessed with it. So there is something about it."

"Those of us that were fans ... it was kind of a memorable time in our life," Burton said.

Clocking in at just under two hours, "Dark Shadows" is rated PG-13.