Mesa murder suspect back in Arizona to face charges

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

MESA, AZ -- After ten years, law enforcement officials have found and extradited a man Mesa Police say shot and killed his girlfriend back in 2001.

After working with law enforcement in Mexico, Mesa Police found murder suspect Manuel Guadalupe Medina.

He was located and arrested in June of 2010 in the Sinaloa area of Mexico. Medina was transported to Mexico City where he waited extradition.

Medina was eventually returned to the United States on April 24.

Police say Medina shot and killed his girlfriend on Dec. 24, 2001, when she attempted to break up with him. After he shot her, police say he drove his truck to Country Club and McKellips with her body still in it.

He then abandoned the truck, gathered his family, and fled to Mexico.

Police found his girlfriend in his truck with gunshot wounds, which wound up being fatal.

Medina had a warrant issued for his arrest in 2002. The warrant charged him with the 2nd degree murder of his girlfriend. He was booked into the Maricopa County jail late Monday night.