One woman's weight loss secret, how she dropped 150 pounds

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GILBERT, Ariz. -- Amy Culver is half the woman she used to be, and loving every minute of it.

Culver, 46, has received a new lease on life after dropping 150 pounds through exercise and proper eating. Culver previously weighed a little more than 300 pounds, but struggled to find the motivation to get in shape.

It wasn’t until she paid a visit to Gilbert family doctor Rakesh Patel that Culver began to get her weight under control.

“I guess the final straw was when Dr. Patel diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes,” Culver explained.

Dr. Patel was able to detect Culver’s diabetes early on, allowing him to address her metabolic issues and customize a successful treatment plan.

Culver said the thought of possibly losing her feet, or having to be carried around the house, inspired her to make a change.

“To be honest with you I think maybe more than anything else that was the one final vanity issue that really said to me no I don’t want to do this,” Culver stated.

Culver no longer needs any drugs, and can manage her diabetes with diet and exercise. 

Culver’s also using her success to help others reach their weight loss goals. She’s been certified as a personal trainer and a life coach.

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