Rescue group trains horses to work with children

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RIO VERDE, Ariz. -- A horse rescue in Rio Verde is finding a unique way to help children in need. The Reigning Grace Ranch is training rescued miniature horses to serve as therapy animals.

Several volunteer trainers have been taking part in a program called Project Angel Eyes, which is the only one of its kind in Arizona.

Joey Ogburn runs Reigning Grace Ranch and explained that the work they’re doing goes a long way.

“A rescue horse that goes into a facility where they’re actually rescuing a child, it really changes a perspective on life,” Ogburn remarked.

But the horses and the children aren’t the only ones who benefit from Project Angel Eyes.

Aubrey Durham has been volunteering with the program and said she’s gained a few things along the way, as well.

“I know I’ve learned a lot about how to treat people, and how to get to know people and how to communicate with them,” Durham said.

The miniature horses taking part in Project Angel Eyes will be visiting children in several different locations.

Ogburn said they plan on taking the horses to hospitals, at-risk youth centers, teenage groups, boarding homes, group homes and homeless shelters.

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